Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WTF pictures! - 2: Are YOU unlucky in love?

Are you a scientist (or a budding one) who happens to woefully unlucky in the department of love? Are you a master of DNA preps but not of date preps?

Banish away your fears and qualms ye mighty and embrace this newfangeled dating website so coyly advertised in Scientific American:

Oh right I must have been dozing off in my Marketing 101 class when they taught us how tactful placement of a few choice scientific words like probabilities and wavelength will attract flocks of love-hungry, desperate scientists to your website.

A friend actually went on this site, that brave soul, and found this:

"Why are we here? The world is a crowded Petri dish, and yet for those of an intellectual bent who happen to be single, it's not easy, especially past university age, to find that certain microbe for a great symbiotic relationship. Enter Science Connection."

I am dumbfounded. Speechless. Aghast. Hmm let me trudge up a few more thesaurus words: mortified. stunned. That should be enough. 

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  1. I bet that friend of yours you claim of is none other than YOU!!