Tuesday, April 12, 2011

While Rome burned

While Rome burned, good ol' Nero played the fiddle.

Something similar is going on right now.

Libya is falling apart at the seams. Japan is reeling from a terrible cocktail of earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. The American government almost shut down over budget tussles. Protestors across the middle east are getting hammered by security forces. Ivory coast just completed its own mini civil war and managed to depose their tyrannical leader.

And what do our esteemed news channel talk about?

THE FREAKIN' ROYAL WEDDING. The guest list was leaked? Who cares?! Kate is getting five hairdressers? Big deal!

Look don't get me wrong. I am happy for the royal couple-to-be. This is going to be a big occasion for them.

And obviously I am not saying the news should be all about gloom and doom. We should allow a little bit of levity in our lives too. But can somebody please tell me why news channels are covering this ad nauseam? It's not even our frickin' country.

And don't get me started on the bullshit telemarketing companies loudly hawking replica rings by employing some schmuck with a phony British accent.