Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!! and some Thoughts on Palm Sunday

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick Easter shout-out to all my peeps.

This Easter was really one of the best ever - nothing quite like waking up early for Church, singing your favorite songs, and then coming back for pancakes and bacon and eggs and chocolate and taffy and yum!!!

Also, I want to take this moment to share some thoughts on another powerful holiday, one that came exactly one week ago - Palm Sunday.

For those who don't know, Palm Sunday commemorates the day Jesus entered Jerusalem during the week before his death. Throngs of people turned out with palm fronds (which were used to revere royalty back then) and waved them and laid them at his feat as he rode in on a donkey.

However, less than a week later, the same crowds turned on Jesus and shouted for his crucifixion.

So every year on Palm Sunday, Catholics are issued palms to hold during Mass. It's an extremely powerful double-edged symbol - we wave the palms to praise God, conscious of the fact that we will all deny and turn away from him before the week (or day, or hour) is out. The fact that we read the part of the crowd during the extended Gospel reading just drives the point home. We all say "Crucify Him!" together in unison - Wow.


In other news, I just finished filling in sink-holes, trimming and gluing on tassels (cut from sci-fi helmets), and spraypainting my 24-man-unit white. Pics up soon, I promise! :D

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