Sunday, April 17, 2011

WTF pictures! - 1

Every so often, in our routine and exceedingly boring lives, we chance upon scenes of such horrendous proportions that our delicate senses are severely offended and temporarily depart in due haste.

Where does this leave us? At a stupendous loss, of course. Some of us stand there, gaping stupidly at the thoughtless culprit, that sore sight for our eyes. Others? Well, they post it on their insignificant blogs.

Fortify your senses. Throw in enough canned food to last a platoon. Fasten your seat-belts.

Presenting the first installment of this ambitious, occasional series "WTF Pictures!":

At my local Barnes and Noble

 WTF?! This is a genre now? These books dare rest in the same store as Kant, Mamet and Frost? If this is what's going to save the dying publishing/reading industry, may as well let the whole thing die out.

Allow me to reply to this hideousness with another picture, this one courtesy of the internetz:

Wait, wait, wait. I feel like that's not enough. How about this?

Or better yet:

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