Thursday, February 24, 2011

A memorable losing streak comes to an end

What do you call a school that boasts a staggeringly shitty 310-game losing streak? Caltech, of course. Last time these techno-geeks won anything in basketball was in 1985, when the Gipper was still president and Americans everywhere were mortified about impending Japanese takeovers (that never materialized).

Our good friends at Yahoo couldn't resist themselves.

"The victory touched off a wild celebration on a campus where students typically only rejoice like that after acing a midterm."

Hardy har har. Hey guys, since we are talking about Caltech, let's sneak in a lame joke about what legendary nerds they are!

Anyway, you go Caltech.

Good job!

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  1. from the LA Times:

    '"The first question Jackson faced during his pregame session with reporters wasn't about the Lakers or the trade deadline. It was about Caltech ending a 26-year losing streak in conference games Tuesday.

    "Congratulations," Jackson said, smiling. "About time too."'