Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's Blake Griffin!

In a place they call the City of Angeles - a place full of gaudy restaurants, dizzying traffic and wide-open beaches  - there was a marvelous spectacle on Saturday night in an arena. A spectacle that was reminiscent of Rome in its debauchery-infused glorious heyday.

As the spectacle was winding down, it happened.

From the inside of a sleek silver vehicle, a bearded sage casually tosses a round ball in the air. A mystical figure shot through the air, his hands steady and ready, to grab the ball. This bird-like humanoid soared over the hood of the vehicle, levitated a few more feet in the air, and in a moment glistening with raw power, dropped the glowing ball into a netting attached to a board. He latched onto the netting as mere mortals around him erupted, their cheers and shouts laced with awe, fear and reverence.

Watch it for yourself:

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