Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is Harvard afraid of? Bad weather, it seems

Look, it is no secret to anyone in the game that medical schools sometimes behave like a whimsical child who arbitrarily changes his ice-cream preferences every five minutes inside a Baskin Robbins. A school might, for example, take months to process your  application but process someone else's application with weeks. You may get rejected without any rhyme or reason while your cat may get in with a shitty interview.

In any case, my friend (and loyal reader! Let's call her DL) told me how she emailed a certain school in Bahstun (hint: its name starts with the letter "H" and rhymes with "Arvard") last month just to check up on them and be like, "Oh hey, what's up? Looked at my stuff yet?"

Check out what this school sent her back:
Thank you for your e-mail and your interest the MD Program at Harvard Medical School. The school is closed due to a weather related emergency. We will answer your e-mail as promptly as possible upon our return on 3/3/11.

Seems like they were shoveling snow for a month. Poor sods.

BTW, thanks DL!


  1. Try to include some intellectual information rather than posting something which has no relevance.... Utter waste of time.....

  2. Sounds like someone has his/her knickers in a twist. That is how it is said across the pond, am I right?

  3. now u making yourself look stupid....useless response sounds like you are the person who wrote the actual post....next do think before you write....

  4. Please Bazarov! I expect much more from you. Specifically, I expect more Intellectual Information. >:O

  5. This bizarre diversion threatens the integrity of the otherwise laser-like focus of our body of work.

    Pray don't let it happen again.

  6. I am sorry I have failed your high expectations o citizen. I expect nothing but the guillotine as a punishment...