Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conan is insufferable

I flew JetBlue on my flight back from Boston (I will put up an On the Road post later). This was my first time flying with them, and after that sensational flight attendant from badassville I was curious about what to expect. Let me say JetBlue is great. I not only landed at LAX 25 minutes early, but also got to enjoy free satellite TV on-board.

Saw a few episodes of the Office (which, to my surprise, actually looked better than Season 4, when I abandoned the then-awkward show), the Nanny and a few minutes of Letterman, Leno, and (alas) Conan.

I never understood all the unjustified hoop-la surrounding the golden child Conan. In the whole Leno-Conan-NBC fiasco, everybody coddled him as if he were the lost son of Zeus. Give me a break. The man is staggeringly unfunny. And yet - against my better judgment - I was tempted to check out his new show on TBS.

BIG FREAKING MISTAKE. Horrible, horrible skits. I did not chuckle even once. One word: insufferable. Actually, two words: still insufferable.

Hey Conan, I am gonna find a lawyer to file an Eighth Amendment lawsuit. Cruel, cruel punishment, man.

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