Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plumbing issues

It is never a good sign when the maintenance honchos walk into your bathroom, look at the clogged bathtub and immediately call for help, because the problem "is too serious". Apparently, this is a system-wide problem and some "main line" is clogged up.

Currently, our sink has been thoroughly dismantled and the bathroom resembles a war zone. Burly guys in combat shoes are walking in and out with very fancy plumbing equipment. Remarkably, some of the equipment is similar to the instruments used in medicine. There was this clog-removal tool that worked and looked very much like a clot-removal device used by neurologists to treat stroke patients. The basic concept is the same: there is a retractable shaft (catheter in the case of medical tool) with a coil attached at the front. If sufficient force is applied via the shaft (or catheter), the coil can dislodge the clog (or clot), clearing the obstruction, thus allowing for a smooth flow of water (or blood). Pretty impressive.

If my roommate or I bump into you folks tomorrow in a distinctly shower-deprived state, you know what to blame.

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