Saturday, September 4, 2010

On the Road - 1: The vagaries of NorCal

Two days, 1010 miles, a very hot and drowsy Sacramento, and a stop in a ludicrously foggy San Francisco - all in all a mighty fine road trip of sorts.

Sorry I wasn't around to do another UG Sports post this Friday. I was on the road for two days, exploring the ferocious wilderness that is Northern California. Some explosive college football today, though, with weak teams getting absolutely steamrollered (is that a word?) by powerhouses.

Anyway, I will be on the road again for about 10 days (Sep 8-Sep 17) so my next few blog posts will be from exciting locales in the upper midwest, midwest and the east.

Back to my road trip, Sacramento was hot and stifling but I liked the feel of the place. A big city with a small-town aura. Saw the Capitol from outside (at 9 pm) and drove around the downtown. Apparently, Sacramento is the city of trees. And they are not kidding. The place is infested with trees, just like old houses are infested with termites and roaches of dubious ancestry. A very bike-friendly city too (I am frowning at you, LA). And get this: it has its very own water tower!! How cool is that?

San Francisco. Well, it was just San Francisco. Stubbornly Bohemian (bikers riding around at 7:30 pm in a furious drizzle) and loopy as always. The streets were all clogged and chaotic - trams (is that what they call those trains?), buses, bike riders, walkers, joggers, wailers, crawlers etc. The fog descended onto the city by 7 pm and it began to drizzle soon after. Very surreal, especially since I was in a 100 degree Sacramento just hours before.

Maybe I will pull a Kerouc and write a book. Just maybe.

Oh and thank Your Faithful Servant for redecorating the blog. She spent hours on this thing and we really appreciate her skills and her help.


  1. You mentioned college football and no nod to Cal steamrolling Davis 52-3?

    And, yes, SF is a very foggy place. That's what happens when you're so close to the bay. It is quite a beautiful city on sunny day though.

  2. Yeah I know SF is a beautiful place in the morning, but I was making a comment on how surreal it was for me to be in a drizzle (AND see people bike nonchalantly on the streets) when I was just in sweltering heat that morning in Sacramento.