Friday, August 13, 2010

UG Sports - 2: The expendables edition

To commemorate the release of the entirely badass Sylvester Stallone vehicle (seriously, the man wrote, produced, acted in and directed the whole thing. Is there anything he cannot do?)the Expendables, here is a special UG Sports update.

    • Tiger tiger burning bright: Noted serial philanderer and former golf great Tiger Woods was the center of attention this week. Multiple outlets covered his stunning parabola of doom and there was a lot of speculation regarding his place in the US team for the Ryder cup. But he wasn't the only one getting the attention. Seems like a couple other individuals finally got fed up with the selfish, spotlight-hogging Woods and decided to do something about it. Corey Pavin created his own little firestorm when he issued a statement saying he would make a special  exception for Woods, but then promptly retracted it using the stock phrase "I was misquoted." Enter Jim Gray. Notorious already for his botched LeBron interview during the Decision, Gray didn't help himself much when he called Pavin a liar and told him "You're going down" right in the middle of a freaking press conference. Bring your own popcorn folks! Golf has never been so much fun...

         The bad, the ugly and the uglier

    • Futbol: After a seriously lackluster worldcup where its overhyped stars failed to make their collective presence felt, the chastened Barclays Premier League will kickoff its new season on Saturday. Tottenham Hotspurs take on a dramatically improved Manchester City. Meanwhile, its Spanish counterpart La Liga (simply elegant name, isn't it?), which had much more success at the world cup, begins its new season at the end of the month. I talked about soccer specifically so I could show this amazing t-shirt I saw the other day near my university campus:

    • Basketball: Pretty awesome hall of fame ceremony tonight. Scottie Pippen showing lot of class and humility tonight, in stark contrast to His Airness, who on this very stage last year taunted and mocked his critics.
    I think that's it for this week. Some type of baseball action happened during the week, I'm sure, but I don't really care. Some NFL teams played some exhibition games too, but again, I don't care.
    Oh yeah, go watch the Expendables. I know I am watching it.

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