Sunday, January 12, 2014

The magnificent beard of Andrew Luck

As many people around these parts know, I am a fanatic of the NFL. And no, before you ask, I don't root for or support or cheer for one particular team. I am a fan (hey here's something I just noticed - 'fanatic' has 'fan' built right into it! Coincidence? I THINK NOT) of this beautiful, intricate game as a whole. The parity in the league, the superstars who entertain us consistently, the intensely contested games week in and week out - this all makes for an enthralling experience.

Three years ago I would blog a lot about the NFL. Every week I published an update. I stopped doing that eventually because the internet doesn't need yet another NFL blog. But I have to make an exception here. As you may (or may not) know it's playoffs time [insert obligatory Jim Mora playoffs?! rant here]. Some crazy shit went down last week in the wild-card round. In comparison yesterday's games were a tad tame. One thing stood out to me, however: the magnificent beard of Andrew Luck. Now I can grow and successfully rock a mean beard myself, but Luck's beard makes me feel inadequate. I can stare at that thing for hours, mesmerized and in utter awe of its magnificence.

This season Andrew Luck played like a beast. Despite throwing three potentially game breaking picks last week against the Chiefs, he engineered an epic comeback (the stuff that transforms men into legends), making for a scintillating viewing experience (probably not for Chiefs fans). Yes he got bulldozed by the Patriots run game (!) yesterday, but his beard made everything alright.

Take a look for yourself:


In some corners of the internet Andrew Luck has been given the unceremonious nickname of 'Hodor' (from Game of Thrones), the simple-minded giant whose sentences usually go "Hodor hodor hodor". I think jealousy is at play here. Someone who probably grows an embarrassingly patchy tuft of facial hair most likely came up with nickname.

In my humblest of humble opinions Andrew Luck's magnificent bushy beard puts him right in the league of some legendary Civil War-era generals:

Stonewall Jackson 
So fret not Andrew Luck: you can make yourself valuable this off-season by participating in war re-enactments or even get yourself a guest spot on the 'Amish Mafia'. You would fit right in.

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