Monday, March 19, 2012

I want to be ambidextrous

Why not? I have two hands, barely use one of them. The instances where I use both hands are ones I can count on my fingers (which, incidentally, is one of those instances): holding a plate/tray, tying my shoelaces (which a friend here insists I am doing all wrong), typing, riding my bike, flipping open an eppendorf tube in lab while pipetting stuff in or out.

My poor little left hand must surely be resentful of all the work the right hand gets to do. After all, it has the same muscles and is fully capable of the same sort of work the rightie does. The idea is to start slow and gentle - brushing teeth, opening doors, turning knobs - before graduating to attempt writing with the left. Practice, of course, is the key.

I am going to start working on this deranged project of mine starting today.

Oh and second block is almost over at school. It's finals week. My facebook newsfeed is full of boring, cliched statuses about coffee, lack of sleep and mountain of readings. Come on guys, you have been taking exams practically all your life. You should have gotten a hang of it by now. Stop fretting and just take it in a stride. Walk it, do the test, walk out. Like a boss.

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