Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anatomy professor stealing computers and other weird dreams

Dreams. Topic of many senseless treatises, utterly worthless books and countless superstitions. Everyone from Sigmund Freud (dude, sometimes a pipe is just a pipe, ok?) to your best friend from fifth grade has tried to interpret these wisps of memories, with equal part trepidation and giddiness.

The funniest dreams are ones loaded with outrageous events. Events you 100% know would never ever happen in real life - even if pigs started flying and the sun came out in the west. Other interesting ones include those where I can tell I am in a dream with certainty but am still eager to see how they end.

It is always interesting to me to go back and try and reason out the dream. What piece of my daily life inspired this dream? Was it the conversation about Dexter that created a serial killer dream? Did the burrito I had for dinner made me dream about going to a crappy Taco Bell?

Here are couple recent ones that I thought were fantastically absurd:

---This one pertains to anatomy. We had 4 professors at hand for help and guidance during our dissection time. They usually went to different tables to check up on how things were going and offered to do parts of difficult dissections for us. They were all pretty colorful personalities. I guess something about spending a majority of your year among cadavers and bumbling med students makes you that way. Out of all 4, Dr. D was the most interesting. Trained in Bulgaria, he is a jack of all trades and loves to pepper his marathon table-side lectures with whimsical anecdotes.

Here's the dream now: we are all in a computer lab. All the students are just standing around or chatting. Dr. D was in his white lab coat, talking to other faculty. Suddenly a bunch of cops came in. One of them snapped cuffs on Dr. D and one of them started explaining how he was being arrested for stealing computers from the lab. We were all stunned and stared at the spectacle. The other professors just stood there, stone faced. And that's it. Dream ended. Pretty bizarre. 

---In the second dream, a friend and I were talking. He was telling me a story about one of his friends who got a knee injury and was bleeding from it. When he looked into the mirror he saw something different. The bleeding appeared distorted and seemed nothing like real life. He also saw wispy entities hovering around the knee. I grew frustrated with all this talk of mirrors and their supposed supernatural connection and the following conversation ensued:  
Me: What the hell, man. There is something called left-right parity. Mirrors are supposed to demonstrate symmetry. [I don’t even know what this means, but this is what I said in the dream]

Friend: Your face is not symmetric.

I hope scientists never figure out what precisely causes dreams. I would prefer that process remain shrouded in mystery forever. Knowing the mechanism of dreams will ruin all the fun. 



  1. Did you know what parity meant before? It seems to make sense in context. Weeeeeird.

  2. um yes i am very well aware what the word parity means.