Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy first birthday UG!!!

We here at UG are very proud and happy to announce that today is this little guy's very first birthday! In a year, we published more than 150 posts and got more than 14000 visits. Now these are obviously not blogger of the year numbers, but they are fairly heartening for us since we didn't do much other than write our idle thoughts and opinions.

This auspicious day calls for a celebration so will you please put your hands together for the lovely Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday":

In addition, I have dug up four posts from our archives for you to enjoy.

  • The "On the Road" series has been the most popular reading material on this blog, with over ten installments. Initially, I conceived it as a travelogue of sorts as I traveled around the country for medical school interviews. Next week, I am leaving for St. Louis to start medical school at the Washington University. Here are my thoughts about my interview day visit to the city: On the Road-8
  • Our third blogger, Your Faithful Servant, has been largely silent over the past year but she was very vital in redecorating our site (all that fancy artwork that adorns the banner was designed by her). She seems to have preferred quality over quantity because her post about cooking a spectacular meal was, how do I say it, very filling: An America Saturday
Hope you keep coming back to our little corner of the vast internet!

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  1. I think there's some affirmative action going on here in the choice of articles, Bazarov. If they were selected purely on merit, all four selections would undoubtedly be yours!

    I'm grateful that you keep this thing alive with your wonderful posts so that I can occasionally spring my thoughts on your unsuspecting audience! Here's to another year!